Professional Furniture Cleaning For Dirty & Dull Upholstery

From time to time, when you take a look at your couch, you could probably see some dust, crumbles, stains and blemishes, that were left by kids or pets, or even your guests, friends and family. Besides you know that these stains can’t be avoided. It is necessary to maintain your furniture in perfect condition as long as possible for variety of reasons as important as hygiene, nice look and even for yourself. Nobody has to accept the fact that couch or carpet are going to be dirty! “Clean Your Couch” will refresh your couch, turn your furniture back to life and keep it safe and healthy for your kids and pets.

Our furniture cleaning services are delicate enough not to damage furniture, powerful enough to clean the deepest stains, and Eco-Friendly for your entire family.


Clean Upholstered Couch In The Natural Way

“Clean Your Couch” uses deep steam cleaning method also known as hot water extraction method with eco-friendly cleaning products to provide give your upholstered couch or carpets healthy clean.

“Clean Your Couch” cleaning process service for upholstered furniture is safe for your entire family.

The dirt and dust trapped deep within the fibers of your upholstered furniture can be easily whisked away by millions of tiny steam bubbles that separates soil from all kinds of fabric. Our Natural Way revives your furniture for a healthier and fresher future. The Natural Way works splendidly with all types of upholstered furniture materials. In addition, the Natural Way doesn’t contain any harmful abstergents or soaps that can leave on a couch a sticky dirt residual, so your upholstered couch will be staying cleaner for longer.


Upholstery Protectant Fights With Stains

Shed beverages are unavoidable. Ask your “couchcleaning-pro” agent about applying Protectant to your upholstered furniture to create a barrier around the filaments to confront with stains. Make sure your furniture looks great year-round and lasts clean even longer.


Protective Deluxe Package

  • Recovers originally-applied stain guard that breaks down and fades with time;
  • Creates protective obstacle that guards at the top layers of fibers;
  • Resists most liquids, letting spills to be taken away prior stain could take place;


Sanitize and Deodorize to Reduce Allergens and Bacteria with Every Package

Children and pets like to play on upholstered furniture. Dirt, dust, harm

ful bacteria, some allergies are left behind by dirty paws, hands, or even shoes. “” c

an help to keep  a healthier home as much as longer, just provides a professional strength Sanitize and Deodorize to reduce the amount of unhealthy bacteria and allergens on and in your upholstered furniture.


Healthy Advanced package:

  • Sanitizes your couch to eliminate harmful bacteria that spread disease
  • Diminishes common allergens out of your furniture (pet dander, dust mites etc.)
  • Our Deodorizer influences on odors penetrated in your furniture so they aren’t just covered — they’re removed
  • Compatible on all kinds of furniture, including: mattresses, couches, area rugs, carpets etc.

Ask a “couchcleaning-pro” representative for a quote for our Healthy Advanced package or Protective Deluxe Package for your furniture today.

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