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A lot people do not have am idea that the typical person sweats out approximately 10 oz. of sweat during one night. Although it is simple to wash-down sheets, the mattress on other hand, usually stays uncleaned. This occurs due to the fact that most people do not realize that washing sheets is only part the fight against soils, sweat, dust, etc. It is essential to have complete mattress cleaning performed in order to acquire your clean sleeping space. Considering that average person spends approximately 30%-35% of life on the mattress. It is worthy to have your mattress cleaning to be professionally steam cleaned at least once per 6 months, to assure yourself and your family not sleep on a unclean or unhygienic place. In in the middle of professional mattress cleaning with couchcleaning-pro, you can vacuum your mattress every 2 weeks.



Deep steam cleaning of a mattress does more than just takes a

way soil and dust that gathers up on the mattress 

due to human daily interaction. So without a professional mattress deep steam cleaning you are changing clean sheets back on a dirty mattress, that is simply not hygiene. It is the same as you would not take a shower and put on clean shirt on unwashed body next morning- result would be similar. You would not realize after time whether it was you shirt or you that is dirty. While steaming your mattress you getting rid of harmful elements like dust mites are known as worsen allergies that you could imaging. When «Clean Your Couch» is the mattress cleaning company that you hired, you will be sleeping on a mattress that is as clean and sanitary.

As the one that you just received from Mattress selling place, plus it you got it sanitized. Frequent scheduling of your mattress to be cleaned will make certain that it stays clean condition, and in addition we could consult you the proper way how to maintain your mattress hygienically clean before our next visit.



Whenever you order your mattress cleaning scheduled with us you can relax and be certain that we are take good care of your sleeping place and remove marks, spills, soil, and dust mites that could be full time resident in your mattress.

Subsequently after visual inspection our technician will perform vacuuming the mattress, we will also work on all possible stains to clean and sanitize your mattress. We are using only Organic eco-friendly products for all of our cleaning operations.

Our company uses most advanced cleaning method of Mattress. It is called Deap steam cleaning also known as hot water extraction method It allows us to get rid of even the deepest stains and neutralize any allergens that could be present in your mattress. With our professional extraction equipment, we are in use of steam for the best possible effects in deep mattress cleaning.

WHY to PICK Clean Your Couch FOR your next MATTRESS CLEANING?

To have mattress cleaned in NYC and surrounding area is a service that you want to get done right. Our teams have technicians that will perform cleaning operation of your Mattress thoroughly and with proper quality. As our long term customers are happy to confirm on our behalf, we keep it simple and efficient. No hidden fees, Tolls, parking etc. Whenever you hire couchcleaning-pro you are getting the leader in our industry of mattress cleaning in NYC to do the job right from first time.

If you have a need for mattress cleaning in NYC, give Clean Your Couch a call for a quote. You’ll take all the time you want to describe your circumstances. Before the end of our call, you’ll know the options precisely that it will cost you to clean your mattress. For great service with flat rates call Clean Your Couch today.

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